Working Groups

SAPECS is organized around a set of cross-cutting working groups that aim to compare and synthesize across individual social-ecological case studies and projects led by SAPECS researchers, to develop new empirical insights, advance theory and methods, and inform policy and practice.



Communities of practice and transdisciplinary work

During this early phase of SAPECS our main strategy for being vibrant is to be a community of practice ourselves, i.e. to learn as a group about something while practicing it. As scientists, our learning¬†involves publishing and our practicing takes place through case studies.¬†Read more…



Students working group

The Students Working Group is a platform for students and other early-career scientists engaged in the SAPECS network to exchange ideas, seek advice, form professional connections and help shape the education and training activities offered by SAPECS researchers. Read more…


WG theory development_G_ Cumming

Theory development

The Theory Development Working Group is focused on exploring and expanding the theory and theoretical frameworks that are relevant to SAPECS and either are or will be important for its future progress. Read more…



Measuring ecosystem services for human well-being

This working group aims to explore the linkages between ecosystem services and human well-being, using a social ecological systems approach, and focusing on the development of tools and methods to measure, model and map ecosystem services and human well-being in the southern African region.¬†Read more…