SAPECS is an international, transdisciplinary research program that aims to advance stewardship of social-ecological systems and ecosystem services in southern Africa.


Postdoctoral fellowship at the CST, Stellenbosch University

Escalating global challenges such as climate change,  food and water security, biodiversity loss, socio‐political conflict and economic volatility, demand new approaches to researching and governing our environment and  societies.  Approaches  that  account  for  the  complex  relationships  between  human  well‐being  and ecological  sustainability,  while  dealing  with  ongoing  change  and  uncertainty,  have  become  critical.  It  is  increasingly  apparent that fundamental reorganization of our societies is necessary to achieve a just society for all, while maintaining  the environmental conditions that underlie  human prosperity. Navigating such a  transformation  will  require a capacity  to deal with changes  that are  fundamentally unknown and unpredictable  ‐ a capacity  that is central to resilient systems. Building resilience of intertwined social and ecological systems is therefore increasingly regarded as essential to enabling sustainable development at local to global scales, and is a rapidly emerging research area worldwide. The  South  African  Research  […]

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Postdoc position available in the Department of Environmental Science at Rhodes University

The SARChI Chair in Interdisciplinary Science in Land and Natural Resource Use for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Department of Environmental Science at Rhodes University, Grahamstown (South Africa) is currently held by Professor Charlie Shackleton. The broad focus of the Chair’s is interdisciplinary research into understandings of natural resources in rural and urban livelihoods for poverty […]

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